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      The allowable stress of reducer is the fatigue limit divided by the safety factor, which is proportional to the reliability of parts.

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      The allowable stress of reducer is the fatigue limit divided by safety factor, which is determined by reliability of parts, stress state and life expectancy.
      Cycloidal pinwheel reducer
      The_H and_F of gear teeth of reducer vary periodically when they are working. The fatigue limit of finite life should be determined from the fatigue strength of materials. It is known from the foregoing that__r is the ultimate stress corresponding to N0.
      N-Number of Effective Cycles
      N0 -- Cyclic cardinality
      M -- Exponents related to stress states
      Allowable stress is the fatigue limit divided by safety factor:
      S-Safety Factor, Contact Strength: S = l, Bending Strength: SF = 1.25-1.5_lim - Limit Fatigue of Gear Material (Determined by Test Method)Flim Limit of Bending Fatigue Strength, Hlim Limit of Contact Fatigue Strength, KN-Life Factor (Reference Chart of Stress Cycle Number of N Effective Life)Explains:
      (1) In general design, the value_below the skew of the figure is adopted.
      (2) All the data in the figure correspond to the value of fluctuating cyclic stress; for example, the value multiplied by the reducer in the figure takes 0.7 as the limit value for symmetrical cyclic stress. _
      (3) The allowable stress of bending fatigue strength should be reduced by 20-40% for opposite-open transmission gears. Transmission box, standardized, multi-variety, speed ratio 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 are all actual transmission ratio. The average efficiency was 98%. _
      2. Single axis, double axis, single longitudinal axis and double longitudinal axis are optional. _
      3. Spiral bevel gears can be operated in both positive and negative directions, with smooth transmission at low or high speeds, low noise and small vibration. The input and output of bearing large axes are decelerated, while the input and output of longitudinal and transverse axes are increased.
      4. Shell: Cast by high-steel FC-25 cast iron;
      5. Gear: It is made of high quality and high purity alloy steel 50CrMnT by tempering, carburizing, quenching and grinding.
      6. Spindle: High quality and high purity alloy steel 40Cr quenching and tempering processing, with high suspension load capacity. _
      7. Bearing: The reducer is equipped with roller taper bearings with heavy load capacity;
      8. Oil seal: Imported double lip oil seal, with a very high dust and oil leakage prevention capacity.

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